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Excess Baggage

SSS Xpress specializes in sending Excess baggage or luggage/ Unaccompanied Baggage through our international courier and logistic services from Hyderabad to abroad. SSS Xpress permit customers to ship all their excess baggage/ luggage thus protecting an easy solution to bypass the strict airline rules on extra luggage. It even offers the option of sending unaccompanied luggage from Hyderabad to any destination in the world.

Every airline has their own restrictions on its check in baggage in the aircraft. Airlines traveling from India to Europe, Middle East, Far East and Asian countries permit their passengers to bring only 23kgs as free allocation baggage. And passengers traveling across the Atlantic Ocean are permitted to bring only 2 baggage with a maximum weight age of 64kgs as free allocation. Anything in more to the above mentioned allowances is called as Excess Baggage.

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